Step into our virtual kitchen and our intimate domain fulfilled with a passion for food and cooking. We are married couple strongly gathered around our interest for cooking as the form of art. What used to be a personal hobby and the way of creative expression for each of us has turned, over the years, into a professional dedication to this field of interest. Cooking has been out private occupation and the way to spend time together creatively and with a lot of fun. During the years spent together, we decided to open our restaurant for vegetarians and to serve our specialties to the guests.

The restaurant runs quite solid nowadays, and we have collected a rich collection of experience, impressions, knowledge, and advice along the way. Once we have reached the certain level of expert’s knowledge about the subject, another idea popped up. We decided to create our blog dedicated to all food lovers out there and those who see the cooking as much more than the just process of preparing something to eat.

 We are here to share, not to lecture

vegetarian-foodThough it’s been a long time since we have been amateurs in cooking, the purpose of this blog is to communicate with people who share our interest and passion. We will share all our experience gained so far, all our knowledge and skills, to provide useful guidelines for all those who are making their baby steps in the kitchen. Also, our restaurant serves vegetarian food, but the recipes we will share here will cover various nutritive habits.

We created a separated section of the blog dedicated to national cooking styles we have studied worldwide, and we will provide you with recipes for some of the most common and popular traditional meals among various nations.

All the recipes are divided according to a dominant ingredient, the season of the year, type of the meal and there are suggestions for the drinks and ideas for the atmosphere suitable for each of these meals.

Technique does matter

vegetable-risotto-625_625x350_71441180209We won’t argue that love, dedication, and creativity are crucial ingredients if you want to be a master in your kitchen, but there are many techniques, skills and finally cooking devices that influence the outcome of your cooking process significantly. We have created a specific section of the blog dedicated to these aspects. We will discuss these procedures, explain the details and show you exactly how it’s done through the photos and video clips. Also, we are both quite active on Instagram, and we will complete the description of every recipe with the photo of that meal once we cook it and decorate it.

Feel free to talk to us

We have let cooking to become our way of living and to occupy the majority of our time. Nevertheless, we will gladly answer all your questions, comments and mails, so feel free to express your opinion, give us advice, critic or simply share some of your experiences with us on the forum of the blog.