I wouldn’t truly call myself an expert, I am just a passionate food lover and the person with some of the natural talent for cooking. Opposite to many women, I have never seen cooking as a burdensome duty, though I do cook for a whole family every day. Kitchen has always been my playground and creating recipes for unique meals is my way of artistic expression. I combine my food with my current mood, occasion, ideas, and inspiration. And I enjoy and study every detail of every step of the process, from picking up the right ingredients to final touch in decoration.

Over the years of passionate engagement in cooking, I have read and studied the advice, approaches, little tricks and creative ideas of many true experts till I have finally started coming up with my unique combinations and recipes.

Once I collected a significant amount of interesting material on the subject, the idea of starting a blog popped up.

Let’s talk about cooking

143701_st-petersburg_russianfoodandcookingtours_11612Without any pretentious goals, the blog was designed to be the place where many food lovers will gather to share their experiences, ideas, similarities, and differences in taste and to exchange recipes. It is the mixture of various instructions, advice, tricks and experiences with brand new ideas and finished new recipes. The forum is reserved for friendly chats about the topic, so people who share my love for food and cooking can enjoy the conversations about it in this little virtual kitchen.

Follow your taste when searching blog


Instead of scattering recipes randomly or chronologically, I have grouped them according to several meaningful filters. If you are looking for something sweet to prepare or something greasy or an easily digestible salad or strong main dish, just search for the flavor, and you will end up in the group with these kinds of meals.

Paella in a panOn the other hand, I have tried to upload various recipes and suggestion on how to prepare delicious food with only what’s on hand so that you can search the recipes according to the ingredients.

Of course, there is classic categorization including breakfast, main dish, dinner, salads, desserts and suggested drink with these meals.

Make it look as attractive as it tastes

Decoration and arrangement of the meal are perhaps less important than taste and proper combination of the ingredients, but it can certainly enhance the impression and complete the pleasantness. Thus I tend to take photos of each meal I cook and design, and you can follow these galleries here or on the Instagram. I use dozens of tricks, ideas, and several kitchen devices to achieve the desired decoration and I’d like to hear some new suggestions and solution.

We’ll be in touch

1367019817The bottom of the webpage contains my contact details, so if you’d like to ask questions or state something you don’t want to see publically in forum’s comments, feel free to contact me through the mail and private messages.

All in all, welcome to my little virtual kitchen, let’s enjoy our love for food and cooking together.