It’s hard for me to look back and point finger precisely into how, when and why. I’ve been in loved with cooking ever since I remember toddler – me playing with plastic kitchen elements and preparing food for the rest of the family. Nobody influenced me particularly, but I did learn my share of things later from some more experienced food lovers. Cooking is not my profession and would not want it to be. I am afraid that turning it into “must do” duties on daily bases would take the magic away. I cannot imagine myself turning cooking into monotonous everyday’s routine, a habit or duty. It is my way of relaxing, passionately experimenting, expressing myself and enjoying both – physically and emotionally.

I do something unrelated to money and food, cooking and time spent in the kitchen remain my playground. So far, I have published a cookbook, wrote articles about food ingredients, various diets, recipes and ideas for an unusual meal in many magazines. Eventually, it was natural next step to give birth to personal food blog. At first, I wasn’t sure how to transmit into the cyber world something so personal that I do spontaneously. Then I have decided to organize the website material the way it made the most sense to me and to continue to simply report about my latest impressions or experiments with various food.

What will you find here?

cooking-3Trying new food of all kind, experimenting in the kitchen with a great collection of specimens and coming up with unique recipes. These three are my passion. So, one part of the blog is dedicated to routine updates and my newest impressions about some food and tasted meal. Another section of the
blog is dedicated to various advice,
experiences, instructions and other forms of sharing my gathered knowledge and experience about food with everyone interested in reading. The third and the biggest corner of the blog is fully focused on recipes.

Filter recipes

mavinakayi-chitrannaSince my cooking follows my mood, I tend to go through several different styles and tastes in just a few days. Writing it down like that would be a mess, so I decided to group the recipes in some meaningful pattern. Thus you will find a wide
range of ideas for meals categorized according to the season of the year, color or dominant ingredients. In the “Meal type” section, you will find
systematically organized recipes and ideas for beverage, breakfast, main dish, dessert, side dish, soups, salads, as well as recommended drink with all those meals.

In the section with special diets, you will find suggested meals or eating strategies for both weights loosing and controlling of various medical conditions.

All “printed proofs” are exposed on Instagram

Since I take photos of pretty much everything I cook, arrange and serve, you will be able to connect these articles on the blog with rich galleries of photos taken few minutes after the complete meal was finished and ready for serving.